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Integration at the Edge

SmartServer is a powerful integration tool and cloud connector in one small, low-cost device. 

SmartServer Imageis a powerful brain for your building that helps machines, websites and computers talk to each other. global spaces engineers use it to make buildings energy efficient while improving internal environments. 

Typically, BMS systems are limited to controlling heating and ventilation, and are often value engineered, which limits their ability to effectively control your building

SmartServer plugs the gap between your BMS, cloud and IoT technologies, metering and energy management software and other siloed building services such as lighting, wayfinding and security. 

SmartServer makes sharing data between disparate systems easy. This allows us to add value back into your BMS giving it the data it needs to effectively control your building. It also helps you centralise data for viewing, analysis and understanding how your building operates 24hrs a day.  

Deploying SmartServer helps you:

  • Meet your ESG (Energy, Social and Governance) commitments.
  • Meet your CSR (Corporate and social responsibility) commitments. 
  • Meet energy metering and reporting regulations.
  • Identifying energy wastage in real-time (not day+1 when it's too late!).
  • Improving your first-time fix rate for maintenance callouts. 
  • Verify works carried out by your maintenance team and independently monitor their KPIs. 
  • Optimise control of your building for comfort, safety, and energy use. 
  • Continually minimise your energy spend.
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership. 

SmartServer makes your buildings smarter! 

Control your building with data, not assumptions. 

We use SmartServer to integrate data from websites such as the Met Office, BMS controllers, air conditioning systems, ventilation plant, energy meters, lifts, occupancy sensors, room booking systems and many other devices. All data is translated into one common format. This "normalised" data can then be shared between the siloed systems within your building to improve operational efficiency. 

SmartServer can optimise heating and cooling control based on the predicted weather conditions, rather than just the current outside air temperature. This prevents over-heating on Spring mornings, creating a more stable, comfortable and energy efficient environment. 

By integrating occupancy data, your building can respond to the way it's used, rather than to a fixed set of calendars and timers. Making it more comfortable and less energy intensive. 

SmartServer also has built-in automation and controls services for scheduling, logging, alarming, connections, and routing. This means SmartServer can provide the full BMS function in buildings where none is present. 

We can create bespoke dashboards using SmartServer. For example, a dashboard showing you live data such as energy use, desk occupancy, or heating and cooling settings. SmartServer can also be used to push data to your preferred BMS supervisor or cloud-based IoT Platform. 


SmartServer works as a gateway between LoRaWan devices and BACNet/IP without the need for cloud based LoRaWan servers.

This means LoRaWan sensors can be integrated to BMS systems at the Edge (on premises) with no reliance on cloud computing or internet connections. This increases reliability and addresses security concerns. SmartServer has drivers for an ever-increasing number of long-range wireless sensors and actuators including:

  • Air Quality Sensors
  • Temp and Hum sensors
  • Co2 sensors
  • Energy meters
  • People counting technology
  • Pulse counters
  • Vibration analysis
  • Door contact / Window
  • Desk occupancy
  • Light level
  • Current transducers
  • Electricity meters
  • Leak detection

All integrated LoRaWan devices have their sensor readings, outputs and telemetry data automatically shared as BACNet/IP objects for integration into a BMS. This helps BMS make better decisions based on a wider range of live data, rather than on assumptions. This saves cost and carbon footprint by reducing panel sizes and the number of physical points on the BMS that require wiring.

We are rolling out SmartServer on a wide range of projects, including offices, schools, and universities to high street stores, out of town retail and hospitality venues. We have found the ROI of a SmartServer installation is typically 6 -18 months, depending on application. 

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SmartServer is available now, please contact to learn how create a better tomorrow.