Consulting & Auditing

We founded global associates based on a single commitment to our clients:
to deliver the right business results for you, on time and on budget; high quality, cost effective solutions that will stand the test of time; we will do whatever it takes to get the job completed in full.

Our passion for client success, deep understanding of Building Services and Energy combined with expert engineers and project management expertise, means that every team we assemble for our clients offer an unparalleled level of service in the market.

In the Building, energy Management Systems (BeMS) market place, none of our competitors can offer the unique combination of services that we provide; with the same quality and price, we guarantee it.

Consulting & Auditing

The global associates energy team is qualified to the industries highest standards, in order to provide Consultancy and Auditing services.  We have a rapid engagement process named, Energy-Architecture-Assessment (EAA).  This process allows for rapid engagement and creation of an actionable, pragmatic plan with a set of actions that clearly communicate the benefits of undertaking any proposed change.  

Auditing and Compliance are opportunities to drive meaningful change and optimisation across your building or estate.  We pride ourselves on being able to drive measurable business results.


Our clients cover the complete range from building owners to facilities managers, asset managers to design consultants, and mechanical and electrical contractors. Every service we deliver is specifically designed to enhance your building environment, optimise systems operations, increase management intelligence and control, whilst also reducing system downtime and energy consumption. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, business excellence and ongoing customer support. Our commitment to quality leaves trusted relationships long after the initial project completion.

You can only truly understand how your building operates when you can account for at least 90% of energy consumption, 24 hours a day.

More about Consulting & Auditing

Energy Management

Optimisation of buildings requires more than just a BeMS system; it is essential to understand the building’s energy demand and utilisation at any given time of day. This information can then be used to fine tune the particular BeMS operation.

There will also be services not controlled by the BeMS that still need to be measured. Ideally, a good sub-metering solution will collect the consumption data, and an energy analysis tool will help to identify areas where performance can be improved and savings can be achieved.

At global associates, we have been installing submetering solutions for many years and assisting our clients to maximise their building performance and improve their energy efficiencies, whether during the initial 12-months or through on-going building life cycle analysis.