Global Spaces

Monitoring & Analytics

We founded global associates based on a single commitment to our clients:
to deliver the right business results for you, on time and on budget; high quality, cost effective solutions that will stand the test of time; we will do whatever it takes to get the job completed in full.

Our passion for client success, deep understanding of Building Services and Energy combined with expert engineers and project management expertise, means that every team we assemble for our clients offer an unparalleled level of service in the market.

In the Building, energy Management Systems (BeMS) market place, none of our competitors can offer the unique combination of services that we provide; with the same quality and price, we guarantee it.

Monitoring & Analytics

As technology systems within a BeMS and IoT environment become increasingly connected and generating vast amounts of data and information; it is vital that the data and information can be used in a timely fashion in order to proactively drive optimisation opportunities across your building or estate.  

global associates is able to offer 24/7/365 monitoring, dynamic optimisation and analytics.  

Whether thats from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, or from a combination of integrated IT assets.  We can provide a one-stop-shop in order to provide truly proactive actions and deliver insights previously unseen.  

Our global-monitoring service is used by a variety of clients across industry sectors; from Pharmaceutical to Investment Banking, we deliver the right kind of service.