Metering & Sub Metering

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Metering & Sub Metering

global associates has partnership agreements with the leading high quality Metering providers in the market; we have extensive experience in providing high quality solutions from design through to monitoring.

Meters and sub meters can be installed throughout commercial buildings to monitor the energy consumption of particular areas. The meters enable the collection of invaluable half-hourly data. The most common locations are lighting and small power circuits, MER Rooms, primary HVAC (Chillers, AHUs, Pump Sets) and kitchen plant enabling identification of the areas of highest consumption.

We can assist in determining a suitable sub-metering strategy to meet your current and future needs, and can manage the complete end to end solution.

The data from sub meters once collected can be sent to an M&T software package and used to analyse the data to build an in-depth picture of a buildings energy use. The information from the sub metering system can be used to identify key energy drivers and highlight energy wastage.

With increasing energy prices and decreasing hardware costs, installing additional metering for the potential saving makes sound economic sense.
However, the current drive towards improved monitoring is about much more than saving energy as running the energy consuming plant more efficiently can lead to longer life span and reduced maintenance requirements.

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More about Metering & Sub Metering

Tenant Sub meters

Buildings with sublet areas will need to accurately monitor the energy consumption for recharging, therefore Sub meter systems can be installed to accurately monitor individual tenant's utility consumption, whether they occupy an independent site, a retail unit, an entire floor of a building or even, part of a floor within a building.

Tenant meters can be installed in multi-let offices and multi-occupancy buildings, the data collected would then be used for billing purposes, for billing the MID approved meters must be used.

Meters that can be connected to an M&T system would include:-

  • Electricity Meters
  • Gas Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Heat Meters