global spaces

The award winning one-stop solution for room booking integration

If you are one of the many organisations that have a series of rooms for meetings, lectures or client workshops; it is imperative that the working environment is optimal for each session.  Nobody should have to turn up to a client meeting and immediately reach for the temp controls or worse still desperately phoning facilities in order to address the issue.

global associates have developed an integration solution, 'global-spaces', that interfaces with room booking systems and the leading BeMS platforms in order to optimise the environmental controls.  Intelligent pre and post controls of real-world usage allows you to make significant cost savings.  

Typical savings range from 10-30% per annum on the cost of environmental controls; with a ROI in under 12 months.
Multiple pricing models are available in order to suit all environments and energy saving objectives.  

After an initial assessment, we build a rollout plan based on the highest impact areas; in order to start making savings as soon as possible.  The team will create a ROI model that demonstrates the savings from the as-is model to the newly created dynamic control approach.  As the rollout is actioned, you will be able to see in real-time the savings being made and most importantly; you will have rooms and spaces that people enjoy being in and are able to focus on the job at hand and not be distracted by the environment they are in. 

'global-spaces', integrates with multiple BeMS solutions and can actively manage large distributed locations, such as university campuses that have multiple BeMS vendors and booking systems.