IoT & Integration

Design & Implementation

We founded global associates based on a single commitment to our clients:
to deliver the right business results for you, on time and on budget; high quality, cost effective solutions that will stand the test of time; we will do whatever it takes to get the job completed in full.

Our passion for client success, deep understanding of Building Services and Energy combined with expert engineers and project management expertise, means that every team we assemble for our clients offer an unparalleled level of service in the market.

In the Building, energy Management Systems (BeMS) market place, none of our competitors can offer the unique combination of services that we provide; with the same quality and price, we guarantee it.

Design & Implementation

With an ever changing technology landscape, Designing and Implementing IoT solutions has never been so exciting and challenging in equal measure.  We provide a pragmatic, rapid engagement approach that leverages the global IoT Architecture Design (gIAD) method.  Using gIAD as a basis to drive specific solution designs for clients, ensures that a genuine holistic approach is taken, when designing and implementing a solution rollout.  

In our experience, IoT projects fail to deliver on expectations, when a non-holistic approach is undertaken.  Cutting through the hype and taking a pragmatic iterative approach to delivery are the corner stones of successful IoT solutions.

As convergence across the technology landscape increases, clients are looking for greater integration from their IT solutions.  At global associates, we have extensive technology and engineering capability, that allows us to deliver some of the most interconnected BeMS, IoT and technology solutions in the market.

We invest significantly in R&D; and develop our own products and solutions.  If you have a problem that people cannot solve, why not get in touch and see if global has the answer to you BeMS integration woes.