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Building Validations : Independent surveys are vital

During the life cycle of a commercial building, there are often a number of reasons why validations of the installed services will be required; the building may be sold, tenant vacated or tenant / landlord disputes.

Validation surveys are independent surveys carried out on the prevailing condition of the installed Mechanical, Electrical and Building Management Systems (BMS) and services, these can be simple visual checks or in most cases a more advanced detailed operational inspection.

Unknown faults within the building can be considered a business risk, as failures could potentially result in loss of revenue through increased maintenance costs or worst case full plant replacement should a significant failure occur. With a detailed global associates building validation informed decisions can be made based around the known risk.

Failure of Building Services can be due to poor maintenance regimes, obsolescence of equipment or maybe the system has been standing for a period of time through lack of building use.

Following a global associates validation, a full detailed report will be provided, this will provide supporting evidence either from maintenance records, manufacture details and physical evidence from finding's supported with photographs. Included with each detailed validation report are costs for either replacement or repair of the systems to restore the building to the original required functionality.

The BMS system within a building can typically control up to 60% of the energy consuming plant, and will have influence on both the mechanical and electrical services, it is therefore important to consider this system during any validation as the HVAC plant will only operate as well as the BMS allows.

As Global Associates, in partnership with our chosen suppliers we can provide validation services for Mechanical, Electrical and BeMS systems.

Written by Adrian Wilton on 06th November 2017

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