Q&A with Sam Rogers - Apprentice at Global

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  • How did you find out about the apprenticeship?

It was actually through my dad who knew someone at Global and they got talking about apprenticeships. My dad knew I was looking for an opportunity to get started on a career path and he recommended the apprenticeship to me. I then went through the industry process and was lucky enough to be selected. 

I had previously looked at an electrical apprenticeship and had decided not to pursue it but this seemed like a good fit.


  • What attracted you to the role?

I liked the idea of having a clear career path mapped out, with obvious opportunities for progression and being able to get all the necessary qualifications needed to be a fully qualified engineer. Being able to work my way up to the top was an attractive proposition.


  • Describe your typical week as an apprentice?

Every week changes a little bit and I get plenty of opportunities to visit new places but I typically get to site around 8am and the senior engineer I’m with will talk me through what we are up to on that particular day. 

We’ll often start in the BMS room and look for any faults or issues and if there are any then we obviously have to address those first. I then help wherever needed with technical issues or system readings.


  • What aspects of the apprenticeship have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoy the wiring and electrical side of things. About two weeks ago I spent a day going through cables and wiring things up. I tend to really enjoy the physical hands-on jobs.


  • How frequently do you receive feedback from trainers and mentors?

Every day. I’m sometimes with different engineers and at different times so we’ve set up a little system whereby every day I write down what I’ve done and the person I’ve been with looks through it and we discussed what I’ve recorded. We chat about the work that’s been done and the engineer can offer advice on what could be done differently next time (if necessary) and provide tips on how to use alternative methods if the job requires it.


  • How do you think this apprenticeship will help you achieve your career goals?

I think it will play a massive part. Everyone is really helpful, I know I can speak to management about anything and there is always loads of help around me so if I have any issues whatsoever I can address them straight away. 

I hope to reach the point where I am in the senior role and can teach the next generation of apprentices coming through.


Written by Tracey Rushton-Thorpe on 02nd February 2024

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